Full services to speed up your website

  • Geo-distributed web hosting - a brand new technology that puts your entire website in several locations that you choose around the world; this is CDN to the ultimate level
  • Backup services - coming soon
  • Remote monitoring - coming soon
  • Website acceleration - coming soon

Why Tronkle

  • Speed - our main goal is to make your website faster for your clients
  • Ease of use - actually easier than you think
  • New technology - we offer new services based on a brand new technology developed by us as well as traditional services
  • High level of integration and flexibility - you can actually combine several Tronkle services to get a custom solution that is best suited for your website
  • Low-cost - we have fair prices to cover our own costs and give us a decent proffit
  • Honesty - we really mean it: there are no hidden costs or other "gotchas"; we don't try to impress you with big company names, pretty photos or technology blah-blah that makes no sense

Tronkle Philosophy

We are sad to see how nowadays selling became more important than producing and marketing took over to the detriment of quality. We try to fight all that by focusing on quality, on our products, on providing the set of features that we find useful. You can brag that you do it all but you can never do it all. We try to excel in the areas that we find important and leave the rest to the others. We try to provide the kind of services that we would like to use. In order to do that here's a list of what we do not provide:

  • big names - no client list, no provider list, no companies, no brands, no logos to impress you
  • pretty photos - no huge datacenter photos; of course we still use computers that still sit in large datacenters but this doesn't make us special in any way and we don't see how this would help you visualize the quality of our services
  • surreal bandwidths - we don't add up the entire bandwidths of all our providers in order to come up with surrealistic numbers; that would be pointless because you will never actually be able to fully access that bandwidth; if we have a number then it's an honest one
  • pampering - we don't have bunch of people to talk to you all the time and do nothing about your problem; we will always try to solve your real problem in our own pace and without being so chatty about it