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  • the next generation content delivery network
  • the geo-distributed webhosting service
  • the brand new technology in distributed databases
  • the service that brings not just a bunch of files but your entire website to the edge of the network - closer to its visitors

Geo-distributed Webhosting Compared to a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Tronkle is a CDN but with a revolutionary technology that also distributes the databases (Mysql) and the application processing (PHP) to the edge nodes - closer to your website visitors. Even more than this, unlike a traditional CDN, Tronkle allows you to choose as many or as few points of presents as you wish for your site and you can also choose the location of these edge nodes from our list of available locations. Last but not least, with Tronkle you don't need to change a thing to your site - you don't need need to waste money on administration and integration. Finally, you will find that our prices are even lower than traditional CDNs - that's what technology does for us - let technology do this for you too.

Geo-distributed Webhosting Compared to Traditional Webhosting Platform

Tronkle is a Php - Mysql web hosting service but with a revolutionary technology that allows your web site to be served from several locations at the same time. This way your web site will be served each time from the location that is closest to the visitor. This way your web site visitors will access your web site with maximum speed. If it's just a simple web page or a blog - it will load much faster; if you're distributing large content such as video files or large applications - the downloads will finish much faster. And the best part of Tronkle is that you don't have to change a thing to your web site to get it into this system - you use Tronkle just like any other web hosting service. Even more, you choose how many points of presence you want for your web site and the locations. Tronkle also comes with unlimited number of domains and unlimited number of databases per account. If you look at all these features you will also find our services to be cheap.

Key Features

  • Increased read performance - your site visitor will automatically access the server closest to him
  • Automatic fail-over - when a server fails the visitors use the other servers online
  • Minimized down times - because you have the same data over several servers it is less likely that all of them would fail simultaneously
  • Live backups - each server has at any given time a complete copy of all data, both files and databases
  • No single point of failure - all servers are equal; as long as you still have a server that is up everything will work just fine
  • Better support for traffic spikes - because your site is on several servers you can support more simultaneous visitors
  • Scalability - not only you can get a different hosting plan but you can also increase or dicrease the number of servers or change locations at any time
  • Ease of use - you use this service as you would use any traditional web hosting service - everything else is automated; there are no changes needed on your side
  • Unlimited number of domains - host as many domains as you wish with full dns administration
  • Unlimited number of databases - you can have as many databases as you wish
  • Low prices - you get high-grade technology usually found in very expensive custom solutions for prices comparable to quality traditional web hosting
  • 7 day uncoditional money back guarantee - you can test Tronkle free of charge for 7 days and see if it fits your needs - no contract, no obligations, no strings attached

For a deeper explanation of out features and how they are made possible by our technology please visit out features section.

How it works

  • Create an account
  • Choose a storage plan
  • Choose in which locations you want your website to be present and a traffic plan for each location
  • You upload your site files and set-up your domains and databases. You do NOT have to make any changes to your web site or databases - our system takes care of everything
  • Each file and database change will be automatically, transparently and instantly propagated to all locations you have ordered
  • Each time a user visits your site he will automatically and transparently access your site from the server which is closest to him - this will dramatically improve your site load times, file transfer times and overall user experience